FADev’s Strategic Plan (2021 – 2025).

FADev embarked on the development of its first Strategic Plan 2021 – 2025 that will provide the direction as well as guide the day-to-day decisions, evaluate progress and provide approaches that will enable FADev achieve its objectives.
FADev envisions responsible, inclusive and sustainable Artisanal and Small-scale Mining sector in Tanzania. To move towards this Vision, FADEV work will be guided by its mission which catalyses activities implementation geared empower, build the stakeholder linkages and generating discussions that would lead to ASM policy reforms.
Being the first Strategic Plan, the design of the Strategic Framework is informed by two approaches:
i. Utilization of the evidence and contextual framework provided in the report on Artisanal and Small-scale Mining in Tanzania – Evidence to inform action dialogue, and
ii. An Analysis of the mission, strong points, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of FADev’s 2021 – 2025 Strategic Plan.
The Strategic plan as a guide to the activity implementation within FADev gives the contextual analysis of the mining sector in Tanzania and the social and economic contribution of the main players at local and national levels. It gives the information on the establishment and legal status of the organisation in the United Republic of Tanzania.
Any organisation has a role to lay within the context of its legal placement. FADev fills the gap that has been left out for decades. Its relevance is hinged on the fact that it is the only organisation working on Artisanal and Small-scale Mining sectoral issues. This is also based on, and inclines to national and international policy and regulatory frameworks with a broader factor in the African Union’s Agenda 2063, the African Mining Vision (AMV), and the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs).
FADev is an organisation in its infancy, therefore, the need to strengthening its structures. The Strategic Plan clearly states the Organization’s internal and external situational assessment and highlights the key drivers and barriers to the organisation’s progress. The latter goes hand-in-hand with the clear presentation of the Organisation’s strategic goals and initiatives to guide the organisation towards the achievement of its goals and objectives; the strategic direction and aligned activities for the life span of the Strategic Plan (2021 – 2025); current and desired capacities at the Secretariat; the needed resources to efficiently and effectively implement the Strategic Plan, and finally an overview of the planned activities and expected results.
All this aimed towards the development of a responsible, inclusive and sustainable ASM sector within the Tanzanian context.


Our Journey: Issue No. 1 – 2021

Our journey has been long and ambitious. It is almost two years now since FADev was officially registered in July 2019 as a Non-Governmental Organisation aimed at promoting small-scale mining. However, the journey itself began in 2016 when HakiMadini, a non-Governmental Organization with its headquarters in Arusha – Tanzania, in collaboration with the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) began to look at how the small-scale mining industry in Tanzania works. That was the beginning of the history of FADev as described in detail in this report. Since then, we have gone through various stages of being registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation under the Non-Governmental Organisations Act, 2002.
On behalf of FADev Governing Council, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who enabled FADev to exist and start working. First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Government of Tanzania for creating an enabling environment for institutions like FADev to be able to register and operate. The Government’s reforms in the mining sector have made the small-scale mining sector more recognizable and highly motivated.
It is our belief that in order for the Government to achieve its objectives in this sector, and for the gains made to be sustainable, the participation of non-governmental organizations such as FADev is essential.
We are grateful for the continued cooperation and facilitation we receive from various Government institutions and especially the Ministry of Mines (MM), Ministry of Regional Administration and Local Government (PMO-RALG), State Mining Corporation (STAMICO), National Environmental Management Council (NEMC), the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Housing Development (MoLHD), and the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Minerals.
In addition, I would like to thank SWISSAID Tanzania for their support from the initial stages of the establishment of FADev to the present. I would also like to thank our beneficiaries who are small-scale miners and the surrounding communities who have been able to embrace FADev and see it as an important partner in their fight against poverty.
Last but not least, I congratulate FADev’s Secretariat for working hard and achieving great successes.
As the fifth term President the late John Pombe Magufuli has been reminding us from time to time, our country is endowed with a rich variety of mineral resources. However, in order for these minerals to benefit ordinary Tanzanians, non-governmental organizations such as FADev must work closely with the Government to support and develop small-scale miners as in other sectors of agriculture, livestock and fisheries.
We are committed to building FADev into a strong, professional institution with systems that meet national and international requirements and that will work closely with the Government and international institutions to develop small-scale mining.
Once registered and obtaining all the necessary permits to operate legally in Tanzania, the Governing Council has placed great emphasis on building and strengthening the foundations for running FADev. We have held two annual general meetings as required by our constitution. The resolutions of these meetings have been implemented. The Governing Council, which is FADev’s main daily regulatory body, has held a total of three sessions in accordance with the constitution and oversees the secretariat in its day-to-day operations.
The governing Council has prepared and put in place institutional frameworks and guidelines for managing FADev’s resources including ensuring that FADev registers with the required legal controls such as the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), National Social Security Fund (NSSF), Higher Education Student Loan Board (HESLB), and the Workers’ Compensation Fund (WCF).
In addition, we have prepared a five-year Strategic Plan (2020 – 2025) that will guide FADev’s direction during this period. In our infancy, we have already started implementing various programme activities for small-scale miners as outlined in detail in this report and in the introduction of the Executive Secretary.
Despite the successes we have achieved, we are aware of the challenges we face. We have outlined them in detail in our Strategic Plan. Here I would like to address one major challenge: having only one development partner supporting our programme activities – SWISSAID Tanzania. We are determined to meet this challenge and have already identified development partners that we can work with and we are organizing a meeting with them which will take place before June 2021.
Already, various institutions including financial institutions, international organizations and large mining companies in the country have shown interest in working with FADev.
Our journey has just begun. We believe in the famous saying “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”.
We intend to go further. We therefore, welcome you to join us in this noble journey!
John-Bosco Tindyebwa
Chairperson, FADev Governing Council


Safari Yetu: Toleo la Kwanza – 2021.

Safari yetu imekuwa ndefu na yenye malengo makubwa. Ni karibu miaka miwili sasa tangu FADev isajiliwe rasmi mnamo mwezi Julai mwaka 2019 kama Taasisi Isiyo ya Kiserikali yenye lengo la kuendeleza uchimbaji mdogo wa madini. Lakini safari yenyewe ilianza tangu mwaka 2016 wakati taasisi ya HakiMadini yenye makao yake makuu Arusha, Tanzania kwa kushirikiana na tasisi ya kimataifa inayohusika na mambo ya mazingira na maendeleo (IIED) walipoanza kuangalia mwenendo wa sekta ya uchimbaji mdogo wa madini nchini Tanzania. Huo ndio mwanzo wa historia ya FADev kama ilivoelezwa kwa undani katika ripoti hii. Tangu hapo, tumepitia hatua mbalimbali mpaka kusajiliwa kama Taasisi isiyo ya Kiserikali chini ya Sheria ya “Non-Governmental Act, 2002)
Kwa niaba ya Baraza la Uongozi la FADev, napenda kuchukua fursa hii kuwashukuru wale wote waliowezesha FADev kuwepo na kuanza kufanya kazi. Kwanza kabisa, naomba kutoa shukurani za dhati kwa Serikali yetu ya Tanzania kwa kuweka mazingira wezeshi kwa taasisi kama FADev kuweza kusajiliwa na kufanya kazi. Mabadiliko yaliyofanywa na Serikali kwenye sekta ya madini yamewezesha sekta ndogo ya uchimbaji mdogo wa madini kutambuliwa zaidi na kupewa msukumo mkubwa. Ni imani yetu kuwa ili Serikali iweze kutimiza malengo yake kwenye sekta hii na ili mafanikio yaliyopatikana yaweze kuwa endelevu, ushiriki wa taasisi zisizo za kiserikali kama FADev ni muhimu. Tunazidi kushukuru ushirikiano na uwezeshaji tunaoendele kuupata kutoka tassisi mbali mbali za Serkali na hasa Wizara ya Madini, Wizara ya Tawala za Mikoa na Serikali za Mitaa (TAMISEMI), Shirika la Madini la Taifa (STAMICO), Baraza la Taifa la Hifadhi na Usimamizi wa Mazingira (NEMC), Wizara ya Ardhi, Nyumba na Maendeleo ya Makazi na kamati ya Bunge ya Nishati na Madini.
Aidha, natoa shukurani zetu kwa Shirika SWISSAID Tanzania kwa ufadhili wao tangu hatua za awali za uanzishwaji wa FADev mpaka sasa. Nwpenda pia kuwashukuru walengwa wetu ambao ni wachimbaji wadogo wa madini na jamii inayowazunguka ambao wameweza kuipokea FADev na kuiona kama mbia muhimu katika harakati zao za kupambana na umaskini. Na mwisho, lakini siyo kwa umuhimu, naipongeza Sekretarieti ya FADev kwa kufanya kazi kwenye mazingira magumu na kupata mafanikio makubwa.
Kama ambavyo Rais wa awamu ya tano Hayati John Pombe Magufuli alivyokuwa akitukumbusha mara kwa mara, nchi yetu imejaliwa kuwa na utajiri wa aina mbali mbai za raslimali madini. Lakini, ili madini haya yaweze kuwanufaisha Watanzania wa kawaida, ni budi tassisi zisizo za kiserikali kama FADev ziweze kufanya kazi kwa karibu na Serikali ili kuwasaidia na kuwaendeleza wachimbaji wadogo kama ilivo kwenye sekta nyingine za kilimo, mifugo na uvuvi. Sisi tumedhamiria kuijenga FADev iwe taasisi imara, yenye weledi na mifumo inayokidhi matakwa ya kitaifa na kimataifa na itakayofanya kazi kwa karibu na Serikali na Taasisi za kimataifa kuendeleza uchimbaji mdogo wa madini.
Mara tu baada ya kusajiliwa na kupata vibali vyote vinavotakiwa ili kufanya kazi kisheria hapa Tanzania, Baraza la Uongozi limeweka msisitizo mkubwa kwenye kujenga na kuimarisha misingi ya kuendesha FADev. Tumefanya mikutano mikuu ya mwaka ya wanachama miwili kama katiba yetu inavyotaka. Maazimio ya mikutano hii yametekelezwa. Baraza la Uongozi ambalo ndicho chombo kikuu cha kusimamia shughuliza kila siku za FADev limefanya jumla ya vikao vitatu kwa mujibu wa katiba na limeisimamia sekretariati katika kazi zake za kila siku.
Baraza la uongozi limeandaa na kuweka mifumo na miongozo ya kitaasisi ya kusimamia raslimali za FADev ikiwa ni pamoja na kuhakikisha kuwa FADev inajisajili kwenye mamlaka zinazotakiwa kisheria kama Mamlaka ya Mapato Tanzania, Mfuko wa Hifadhi ya Jamii, Bodi ya Mikopo ya wanafunzi wa Elimu ya Juu, na Mfuko wa Fidia kwa Wafanyakazi.
Aidha, tumeandaa Mpango Mkakati (Strategic Plan) wa miaka mitano (2020 – 2025) ambao utaongoza mwelekeo wa FADev katika kipindi hiki. Katika uchanga wetu, tayari tumeanza kutekekeleza miradi mbalimbali kwa wachimbaji wadogo kama ilivuoainishwa kwa kina katika ripoti hii na kwenye utangulizi wa Katibu Mtendaji.
Pamoja na mafanikio tuliyoyapata, tunatambua changamoto ambazo zinatukabili. Tumeziainisha kwa kina kwenye Mpango Mkakati wetu. Hapa naomba niongelee changamoto moja kubwa; ya kutegemea mfadhili mmoja, Swissaid. Tumejizatiti kukabiliana na changamoto hii na tayari tumebaini wadau wa maendeleo mbao tunaweza kufanya kazi nao na tunaandaa mkutano nao ambao utafanyika kabla ya mwezi Juni mwaka huu. Tayari taasisi mbalimali zikiwemo tassisi za kifedha, mashirika ya kimataifa na makampuni makubwa ya uchimbaji madini hapa nchini yameonyesha nua ya kufanya kazi pamoja na FADev.
Safari yetu ndiyo kwanza inaanza. Tunaamini msemo maarufu usemao “Ukitaka kwenda haraka, nenda peke yako; ukitaka kwenda mbali, nenda na wenzio”. Tuna nia ya kwenda mbali, karibu ujiunge na sisi ili twende pamoja.

John-Bosco Tindyebwa
Baraza la Uongozi la Taasisi ya Kuendeleza Uchimbaji Mdogo Tanzania