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Volunteering Opportunities

Join us by working hand in hand in accomplishing our vision and goals together.

Donation Opportunities

You are mostly welcome to give out a part of your fortune to be invested in small miners.

Partnership Opportunities

Let us partner in areas that we compliment each other, that will lead to the desired change.

About FADev

Foundation for ASM Development (FADev) is an independent Non-Governmental Organisation established to catalyse multi-stakeholder dialogue, knowledge sharing and collaboration. The Organisation intends to:

  1. Promote formal and legal Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) operations through well designed support mechanism in Tanzania
  2. Ensure environmentally and socially responsible ASM activities in Tanzania
  3. Promote active and meaningful participation of women in ASM activities
  4. Support productive and sustainable business development within and away from ASM, and
  5. Promote inclusive and ongoing participatory multi-stakeholder dialogue and institutional empowerment for inclusive policy and practice decision making

Vision and Mission


To attain a responsible, inclusive and sustainable Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) sector.


To serve as a centre of knowledge, dialogue, communication, partnership and execution to align this impoverished and vulnerable sector with national priorities and sustainable development agendas.

Voices From Small Scale Miners On Corona Pandemic

The ASM community as well as other members of the general public – individuals and household units must incur extra costs to have proper sanitation facilities – even only for hand washing.
Hear what the miners say about impacts from Coronavirus and what their greatest need is at the moment. May be this is a lifesaver…



Dialogues Programme established to ensure the continuation of multi-stakeholder action dialogues. Targeting focus topics and stakeholders with the aim of supporting the implementation of the Roadmap Workstreams (RWs) towards the achievement of the overall institutional vision. While a national action dialogue can be aimed for convening multi-stakeholders once a year on one or more current […]

Capacity Building

FADev will work with stakeholders to develop tailor made training modules/curriculum relevant for each target group and that seek to upgrade EHS good practices, leadership skills; business management, accounting, book-keeping, reporting, marketing and risk management; technical mining skills, and conflict resolution skills.

Alliance Building

Women in ASM

Reform process aimed at empowering women in ASM should consider solutions covering social, legal, economic, technical, intellectual and political issues. Solutions should not be just about addressing the various issues that women face but recognising and building on their potential to make a significant added value in economic, business, decision making, and best practice terms. […]

Environment Health and Safety


In line with the identified objectives of the Organization that form the Roadmap Workstreams, FADev will: implement relevant research activities that will progressively address issues around licence access status and how to promote community friendly application process, in collaboration with the Ministry of Minerals and the Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST), conduct a comprehensive geological survey that will help in […]