FADev's Strategic Plan (2021 - 2025).

I am delighted to present to you FADev’s Strategic Plan (2021–2025) which outlines the strategic direction which FADev will follow during this period in order to realise its full potential and better fulfil its mission of promoting responsible, inclusive and sustainable Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) through empowerment, connecting and policy reforms.

Tanzania is endowed with a variety of minerals currently being exploited by ASM with minimal use of technology, poor working conditions, low productivity and the use of informal marketing channels. The Government’s efforts to formalise and develop ASM have yielded positive results in terms of mineral production and Government revenue. In order to sustain these positive developments, Government support from NGOs is necessary.

In order to implement FADev’s strategic aims, we need to partner with various stakeholders to enable us obtain the required human, financial and physical resources. On behalf of FADev Governing Council, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to SWISSAID Tanzania for providing us with the financial support to take us through our infancy. I take this opportunity to invite other development partners to work with us in developing the ASM industry. We promise you full accountability of these resources.

Finally, I wish to extend our appreciation for the support we have received so far from various Government Ministries and Agencies, specifically the Ministry of Minerals, Ministry of Regional Administration and Local Governments (TAMISEMI), Ministry of Land and Human Settlement Development, the State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) and the National environment Management Council (NEMC). We look forward to your continued support and reiterate our commitment to operate in full compliance of the country’s prevailing laws and regulations.

We have embarked on a journey to promote responsible, inclusive and sustainable Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) through empowerment, connecting and policy reforms. We invite you to join us.

John-Bosco Tindyebwa

Chairman, FADev Governing Council

Our Journey: Issue No. 1 - 2021

This is our very first report!

In this report, you will learn more about the activities implemented by the Foundation for ASM Development (FADev), and the notable milestone.

Download, read, learn more about our activities, then join us, other stakeholders, in efforts to improve the environments of the Small-scale Mining sector’s operations.

Our Journey_Issues - 2021

Safari Yetu: Toleo la Kwanza - 2021.

 Hii ni ripoti yetu ya kwanza kabisa!

Kwenye andiko hili, utaona utajifunza zaidi kuhusu shughuli za Taasisi ya Kuendeleza Uchimbaji Mdogo (FADev), na mafanikio ya utekelezaji wa Taasisi.

Pakua, soma, jifunze zaidi kuhusu shughuli zetu, kisha ungana nasi pamoja na wadau wengine, kwenye juhudi za kuboresha mazingira ya Sekta ya Uchimbaji Mdogo wa Madini.

Safari Yetu Toleo la Kwanza_Swahili (003)

ASM in Tanzania - Evidence to inform an Action Dialogue - Book

This research report was prepared for the ‘action dialogue’ on ASM in Tanzania, held in Geita from 7 to 10 November 2017, in order to provide participants with a common understanding of the sector. IIED runs a global ASM dialogue programme designed to help national stakeholders to identify solutions to promote a responsible, inclusive and productive ASM sector that can contribute to sustainable development. It provides a much-needed forum for multi-stakeholder collaboration and knowledge sharing to promote better governance, greater voice, and secure and productive employment across the mining sector and in complementary rural livelihoods—such as agriculture. The programme strives to make sure that all stakeholders participate, that the process is locally owned, and that discussions focus on solutions. This way, the IIED dialogues can help align ASM with national priorities and sustainable development agendas. IIED’s dialogue approach has already been used in Ghana and Madagascar.

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Action Dialogue on ASM in Tanzania - Summary Report

Action dialogue on artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) in Tanzania

7-10 November 2017

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Ubia Kati ya Wachimbaji Wadogo na Wawekezaji wa Kigeni_Ripoti

Uboreshaji wa shughuli za uchimbaji mdogo wa madini nchini Tanzania kupitia ubia na wawekezaji:

Fursa na changamoto

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The New Face of Informality in Tanzanian Mineral Economy

The new face of informality in the Tanzanian mineral economy: Transforming artisanal mining through foreign investment?

George Schoneveld, Maisory Chacha, Maria Njau, Jesper Jønsson, Paolo Omar Cerutti and Xiaoxue Weng

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Summary_Evidence to inform an action dialogue book

Small ventures, big hopes

Tanzania’s artisanal and small-scale miners are fuelled by determination and hope

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Mjadala Habarishi Kuhusiana na Uchimbaji Mdogo Tanzania

Mjadala habarishi kuhusiana na uchimbaji mdogo wa madini Tanzania


Mapitio ya kimkakati ya changamoto na ufumbuzi

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