Theonestina Mwasha

Theonestina Mwasha (Ag. Executive Secretary)

About Me:

Education & Training

Tina is a Mineral Processing Engineer who has a wide experience of working in the mineral industry. She is familiar with the Tanzania Mining Sector because of over 35 years of work experience. In the recent past she worked for Government Institutions, Private sector and International/intergovernmental Organizations in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda with roles and responsibilities varying from conducting research, developing training programmes in mining related fields, conducting training, management and coordination. Tina is also a certified Trainer of Trainers for Artisanal and Small-scale Mining.

Academically, Theonestina is holder of an MSc degree in Mineral Process Design from Imperial College, University of London UK and a BSc degree in Mineral Processing from Cardiff University College, University of Wales, UK. Also, have a background of Project Management.

Tina is Pioneer Woman – the first Tanzanian woman to graduate and practice as a Mineral Processing Engineer.