Evans Rubara (Ag. Manager, Programmes and Research)

Evans Rubara

Evans is stakeholder and policy engagement professional with an extensive experience working on cross-cutting natural resource-based development policies, discourses and practices. This is coupled with an experience working on programme/project components requiring monitoring, investigations, stakeholder mapping and support, strategic communications, information management and dissemination, outreach and alliance/partnership building.

Evans has a lived-in experience working with development stakeholders in Tanzania, Zambia, and Canada. Academically, Evans has a background in international trade and development with a focus on Natural Resource Management, Communities and Sustainability, Theological Studies, Religion and Development.  Evans is also academically and experientially adept in global environmental politics, policies & environmental humanitarianism.

Team Information

 Ag. Manager, Programmes and Research
 Age number:
 Phone: +255 788180097
 Email: erubara@fadev.or.tz