Multimedia Platform

The multimedia platform programme component involves setting up a dynamic and innovative platform to enable FADev link Tanzanian ASM multi-stakeholders with one another and promote ongoing communication and transfer of information. The multimedia platform is set up to communicate knowledge and information materials produced through dialogues and consultative processes in order to promote policy and practice reform in the ASM sector.

At the same time, the platform will serve as an information hub pulling all ASM relevant databases in one place and serving as an easy-access platform and actively disseminating knowledge and raising awareness on best practices. In addition, the platform will enable ASM multi-stakeholders to interact with one another on issues relating to mining policies and regulations, minerals production, processing, marketing and incidents of safety, health and environmental concerns. Thus, strengthening participation and collaboration among stakeholders in their effort to realise a responsible and productive ASM sector that contributes to sustainable development.

FADev’s multimedia platform will be the centre of those interactions receiving, synthesizing and channelling information to and from relevant experts or duty bearers as well as providing services within its mandate. To conduct this function in an efficient and user-friendly manner, it will utilise a technology that is easily accessible and implementable at reasonable cost.

The multimedia platform is the first of its kind to champion stakeholder and policy engagement issues related to the ASM sector; and, if and when implemented properly, it will serve as a model that may be useful for other countries.